Human Payrolling – PPO Service

Human Payrolling® is a payroll management service using the best technology in the cloud.


  • Management of payroll, social security, vacations, budgets and time & attendance processes
  • Processing performed by payroll experts using Human applications
  • Hosting of information in two data centers with support 24 hours
  • Shared Services Center to process multiple countries in one place
  • Continuous maintenance of fiscal, labor and technical aspects
  • Reports and real-time data
  • Access to Human WorkSocial® (Corporate Social Network) included 
  • Integration with other Human Resources applications
  • World Class Certifications
  • Service Level Agreement that commits to processes without errors and coverage of fines and surcharges



Social Security

Vacation Management

Employee control

Family control

Loan control

Data entry

Periodic and special calculations

Dissipation of funds

Generation of interfaces

Generation of accounting policies

Reconciliation and issuance of tax returns

Disability Control

Control and administration of agreements

Determination of risk degree

Calculation of integrated wages

Issue of notices

Monthly and bi-monthly statements

Generation of accounting policies

Interface to SUA and consolidation with tax returns 


Calculation of vacation days

Vacation payment and premium

Control of annual programs

Massive leaves

Account statements

Maturity dates

Generation of records


Budget & Forecasting

Time & Attendance


Management of organizational structures’ budgets

Projection of wages and salaries

Calculation of benefits and benefits

Management of temporary and external staff

Policy Management

Process of entries and exits of employees

Audit of incidents

Absenteeism control




Why Human Payrolling®?

Process optimization

Service Level Agreement

Fiscal Support

Total Coverage in Latin America

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