Human ePersonnel – Outsourcing services

Human ePersonnel® is the personnel management service using the best technology. Two types of services are offered: Head Hunting and Staffing (Outsourcing of Personnel).

 Features of Human ePersonnel® – Head Hunting 

  • Portfolio of candidates in key sectors
  • Experience in high level and executive profiles
  • Structured process in the selection of candidates
  • Visibility of processes and reports in real time
  • References check before submitting candidates to our clients

Features of Human ePersonnel®- Staffing

  • Search, selection, recruitment, and administration of permanent and temporary staff
  • Reduction of staff turnover due to deficiencies in the recruitment process
  • 100% deductible expense


Why Human ePersonnel®?

Candidate search optimization

Effective candidate screening

Decreased staff turnover

Reduction of risks

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